Company Details

Industry: Manufacturing; Aviation
Date of Acquisition: March 2018
Location: Reno, NV


Company Description

Blast Deflectors Group, LLC (“BDI”) designs and manufactures jet blast deflectors ground run-up enclosures, and end-around taxiway screens for aviation infrastructure applications.

Over its 60-year history, the Blast Deflectors Group has established itself as the leading supplier of engineered aerodynamic structures that reduce noise, address safety issues associated with high-velocity jet blast, and enhance the safety and efficiency of airport operations.  The Company’s suite of highly-engineered products improve safety for airside operation areas, maximize available airfield space, and minimize the acoustic impact of regulated jet engine maintenance and testing run-up noise. BDI have sold their products in most regions of the world, with the majority of annual sales occurring outside the U.S. The Company designs its products to work with every type of aircraft currently in use, and these products function in a variety of applications. The Company’s diverse customer base includes the world’s major airports, leading aircraft OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, and Gulfstream, and military facilities worldwide. Blast Deflectors Group is the dominant participant in its worldwide niche.

In 2018, Hanover Partners acquired BDI from its retiring CEO, Christopher Lynn, and his siblings. The Company was founded in 1957 by Chris’s father, Stanley Lynn.  Blast Deflectors Group has a strong incumbent senior management team, several members of which co-invested alongside Hanover. The Company is led by recently appointed CEO, Don Bergin, who was previously BDI’s VP of Sales, having been with the business over 12-years. Chris Lynn also co-invested alongside Hanover and senior management and remains on Blast Deflectors Group’s board of directors, and is an advisor to management and Hanover.