Company Details

Industry: 3D Printing Systems and Software
Date of Acquisition: June 2006
Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire

Company Description

Solidscape, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rapid prototyping systems (3D Printers). Rapid prototyping involves the use of additive manufacturing techniques, a process by which materials are deposited and bonded in layers to create physical objects from computer aided design (“CAD”) programs. Solidscape is a leader in providing systems that manufacture generally small and intricate parts or products that are characterized by precise detail and dimensional accuracy and very high quality surface finish. The company has successfully sold its systems into numerous industries, achieving market-leading success among jewelry manufacturers.

In 2006, Hanover Partners acquired the company from a venture capital investors and management. Management remained with the business in their respective leadership positions and partnered with Hanover to re-invest in the recapitalized entity.

In a highly-successful exit for investors and management, Solidscape was sold in late 2011 to publicly traded Stratasys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS), one of the largest 3D printer systems manufacturers in the world.