Company Details

Industry: Manufacturing and Software; Test and Measurement
Date of Acquisition: August 2006
Location: Hayward, California

Company Description

Wohler Technologies, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of “in-rack” electronic audio monitoring equipment for use in the television broadcast industry.  The company also manufactures video monitoring equipment (under the Panorama name) sold into the same markets.  Located in Hayward California, with approximately $20 million in annual revenue at the time of acquisition, the Company has end customers that include ESPN, HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Turner in the US, as well as the BBC, SKY, and NHK internationally.  Wohler’s products are recognized as the industry standard for television stations, television sporting event producers, and other broadcasters to validate the existence and quality of a broadcasted analog, digital, standard-definition, or high-definition audio or video signal.

Hanover Partners joined with Wohler’s president to acquire the Company from its founder.