Company Details

Company: Westside Equipment Holdings, LLC
Date of Acquisition: October 2019
Location: Madera, CA


Company Description

Westside Equipment Holdings, LLC (“Westside”) designs, manufactures, and distributes  harvesting and pistachio harvesting equipment, as well as related aftermarket parts.  Founded in 1986, and located in California’s Central Valley, home of 95% of the U.S.’s domestic processed tomato production, Westside is the market leader in tomato harvesters for processed tomato applications, with multiple model offerings branded under the Commander, Johnson, and STAR names. The Company serves a diverse customer base including the world’s major tomato and pistachio processors and farms located near the Company’s headquarters in California, as well as addressing customers in other parts of the U.S., and across the globe.  In addition to its strategically headquarters in the heart of California’s leading agricultural community, the Company has three locations across Northern and Central California, as well as company owned distribution in Chile. Across California, the greater U.S., and globally, Westside is actively pursuing add-on acquisitions across multiple segments of agricultural harvesting equipment

In 2019, Hanover Partners and an institutional partner acquired Westside from its primarily passive family ownership group; the Company’s CEO and co-founder re-invested alongside Hanover and remains the Company’s leader. In addition, Westside’s other co-founder and retired CFO re-invested alongside Hanover and remains and advisor and board director.